Sunday, November 13, 2011

time flies...

So I may not have been keeping this blog current lately, but I have been hard at work on my TYM skills! Over the past few weeks I have finished the western portion of my massage training (anatomy, physiology etc), and I'm glad to say I'm in the home stretch now. The rest of the program is all about Thai Yoga Massage, and finishing my practicum hours. I have also been able to assist in some massage training classes as part of yoga teacher training at Core Power Yoga. It's really interesting to see how other people interpret instructions, and to help make corrections and adjustments - in a small way it kind of brings my training "full circle". I also now have all the gear I need to practice massage on my own: 2 massage mats for double comfort, and a rice steamer to cook up those yummy yummy Thai herbal compresses. Did I mention I am addicted to the compresses? If you've every tried them, chances are you're addicted too!

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